Aardvark Paving Inc.
                             "Serving Brevard County Since 1977"

Reference Sheet

"Just some of our satisfied customers"

Aardvark Paving Inc. is committed to providing quality service to the Commercial, Small Business and New Construction Industry. Please feel free to contact  the following companies.
 Company  Contact  Phone#  Job Type  
City of Rockledge Ron Stimmel (321)243-7429 Paving- Patch Work, Base Rock
Sopocy-Ford Properties LLC Rhonda Ford (321)698-1519 Paving-Patch Work, Seal Coat & Stripe 
River Moorings Owners Association, Inc Jeff Vayda (321)459-3199 Paving- Base Rock
Seavy & Associates, Inc  Jim Seavy (813)363-0863 Paving- Base Rock Grading
Lightholder Family Trust David Lightholder (321)863-4774 Paving- Patches
Gold Mine of Merrritt Island Barry Shaffer (321)452-1723 Paving Lot, Seal Coat & Stripe
Indian River Club Mark Jackson (321)427-6615 Paving Lot, Patch Work, Seal Coat & Stripe
Ambassador Services, Inc Randy May (321)543-8689 Paving- Patch Work & Base Rock
Island Animal Hospital             Matthew Corie     (32)453-2430   Paving- Seal Coat & Stripe 
Metropolitain Baptist Church Eugene Buckner (321)636-2971 Paving- Patch Work
Velda Farms Joe Sheahan (321)863-1112 Paving- Patch Work, Base Work
Pitco, Inc, Odyssey Pizza George or Pete (321)632-7222 Paving,-Patch Work
Morton Salt  Marty Harper (321)686-7136 Paving- Patch work , Paving
4 Communities Fire Department  Andy Gillis (321)615-8141 Paving- Seal Coat & stripe
Canaveral Port Authority  Tony Quatrone (321)403-7987 Paving-Patch Work , Seal Coat & Stripe
Brevard Charter Schools, Inc Betty Hoge (321)264-4000 Paving, Patch Work
Town of Indialantic  Ron Cassidy (321)984-5224  Paving-Patches
Trinity Lutheran Church  Rodney Weaver  (32)698-3723  Paving Lot, Patches, Seal Coat & Stripe
Santis Engineering Inc. Brian Moorhead (321)868-6840 Trench Repair, Base Rock, Paving
Petro Plumbing Services Bruce (321)783-5422 Paving- Patch Work
Econo Lodge Neil Gandha (321)632-4561 Paving-Patch Work, Seal Coat, Stripe
Customer   Phone#  Job Type  
Mr. Paul Olsen (321) 720-3189  Patch Work  
Mr. Stan Wilt (321) 631-0190 Driveway   
Mr. Mike Maloney (321) 501-0190  Patch Work   
Mr. Bruce Flower (321) 635-4054 Driveway  
Mr. Rem Bowers (321) 459-1098 Patch Work
Mr. Jay Barbaree (321) 453-8240 Patch Work
Mr. Chad Chambertane (321) 480-5466 Driveway
Mr. Pat Butz (321) 799-3364 Patch Work
Mr. Bob Gates (321) 639-1613 Driveway
Mr.Frances Traxel (321) 631-1388 Driveway

Aardvark Paving Inc. also provides quality service for Residential property. Paving dirt roads and driveways is a smart investment in increasing the value of your homestead.  We appreciate the referrals of family & friends.  Building our goodwill and reputation is our ingredients for success.

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